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Find music and concert reviews of your favorite bands. We cover mostly rock, pop and Christian music but other genres on occasion. Contact us if you’d like to have your band covered or if you’d like to contribute a review.

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Children’s Picture Books

We do reviews of children’s picture books. From classic stories to current books written by the best of today’s authors. We may just have a review of the picture book you’re looking to purchase.

non-fiction books
Non-fiction Books

We review all types of non-fiction books. If you’re interested in cook books, ministry books, biographies and selections debating the latest political theories, we either have it for you now, or we’ll review your favorites and soon to be favorites in the future. Our warning to you, don’t ever buy a book until after you research the title you’re after.

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If you’re a fan of fiction, whether that fiction be young adult or the best in suspense from John Grisham, Brad Thor or Robert Ludlum, we’ll have informative posts on the book you are looking to purchase.

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