Americana Music – The Jiggley Jones Interview

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Jiggley Jones interview
It has been a great pleasure meeting Jiggley Jones. And I have to tell you, it was quite a big temptation in this interview not to ask him if Jones is in fact, his real name : )

Jiggley Jones is an award winning songwriter and has recently signed with Lamon Records in Nashville. His latest album is just about finished and should be out in March. You will definitely be impressed with his new release.

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The Jiggley Jones interview

In researching for this interview I discovered something quite unique about you. Not one part of your body has been pierced and you have no tattoos. That is somewhat almost unbelievable in the world of 21st century musicians/songwriters. A recent news post on your website states you “just bring music, strong and true.” Jiggley, I’m with you. I love pure music, not hype and gimmicks. But are there any other reasons why you have not embraced 21st century fashion such as tattoos and piercings?

Haha… I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that question. I actually did have a few piercings years ago but they were your standard variety ear piercings. As far as tattoos go, it’s not that I don’t like them when I see them, it’s more like me realizing over the years that my tastes change and what I would have put on my body 15 years ago would now have me mad at myself for doing it in the first place. So I figured maybe I’ll just be the one guy that doesn’t have any.

As with many artists, you started early. Mostly that comprised signing in church and playing an instrument in elementary school. Can you tell us more about both of those areas of your early life? Was it a church choir? Did you have favorite hymns? Also, in school, were you the most talented kid in band class?

Back then I certainly wasn’t taking music too seriously. Yes it was the church choir and it wasn’t that I was into it, instead it was more like the fact that everybody in my small church that was my age was in the youth choir and my Mom was a big church choir advocate. I think you get the idea on that one, lol. Though I have to say that church was right down the street from me and my whole neighborhood revolved around it. Those were great times and I’m glad that church was there. It seems the Christmas songs were the ones I enjoyed the most. As far as clarinet goes, once again I wasn’t putting the greatest effort into that venture either. First off I wanted to play the drums but my parents weren’t having that so I picked the clarinet for some reason and squeaked out a 2nd chair position. It wasn’t until my teens that I became passionate about music on my own.

There are some people who aren’t exactly up to date on the definitions of all musical genres, can you explain what Americana music is? And what difference it has with mainstream country music?

I wouldn’t say that Americana is directly related to Country music any more then it’s directly related to Folk or Blue Grass etc… But if you created music that was heavily influenced by those genres, but headed in it’s own direction, you might be considered Americana. That kind of music has been around forever but there was never a specific genre that encompassed it. Now there is and thanks to bands like “Mumford and Sons” and “The Lumineers” etc… Americana is now a viable genre.

I saw you recently signed with Lamon Records Nashville, how is the recording of your new album going? Is it finished yet or are you right in the middle of recording?

Thanks for asking… the record is still in the process of being recorded. When I left Nashville the main rhythm tracks and lead vocals were finished. All the overdubs still need to be done and then the mixing process.

You won the IMEA 2013 Songwriter of the Year award and I’d love to ask which is more difficult in songwriting, the music or the lyrics and why?

Well for me they are equally as difficult at times. I have to say though when the music is arranged in a workable form, I feel more relaxed sitting down with pen and paper to start with the lyrics. I got that cup of coffee and an idea to work with. I always do the music first, and since that is coming out of thin air it’s usually more time consuming. Of course the lyrics end up being more meticulous.

Has there been a lot more interest in your songs from publishers because of your winning the award?

Not really since I signed with the label soon after the awards.

For those who have always dreamed of picking up a guitar and strumming some chords but have not yet done so, can you explain the nuances between the different types of guitars? I read in your Evolution of a Fan interview that you use Taylor guitars now. But for novices, why should they choose one guitar type or brand over another?

The type of instrument you end up with should be the one that you feel is right for you. Of course that means going to the local music store and trying all of them. It will feel right in your hands, sound right to your ear, and fit into your budget. That could be your first lesson in using what feels right to you as a guideline. That means a lot in creating original music.

You’ve had a long career in music, has it always been in the public view or have there been any behind the scene music jobs i.e. record store clerk, disc jockey, etc.?

I actually worked in the entertainment public relations side of things for awhile when I was much younger out in Los Angles.

Was there one defining moment when you knew music was going to be your chosen career path?

I started out as a bass player in a local “cover” band. It was when I sat down and started attempting to write and record my own music that my future was “defined”.

Can you tell our readers what you consider to be success? How a person gets there and why some people struggle to find it?

For me success comes in multiple levels. You can be successful at all of those levels or at some of those levels. I’ve succeeded at writing some good songs and then succeeded at getting those songs out to people all over the world. I have succeeded at being recognized for my abilities and getting the chance to perform those songs for people in some highly recognized venues. But I have yet to succeed at many many other levels and that “struggle” is what keeps me going.

I read on your website that you have children. How does Jiggley Jones juggle a career as a rising star with being a dad? Is it difficult? Do you tour nearer home? Does your family go on the road with you?

Wow, it’s very difficult. A lot of my decisions are based off of whether certain things can be accomplished and not interfere with the forward progress of my kids. In the end they are #1 and if I can achieve success in music while succeeding as a good parent then my goals will have been met. They like what I do and sometimes they get involved with me like on a few videos I’ve done. They come see me play once in awhile but they also get tired of hearing the same ol’ thing, haha, there kids and I’m just Dad to them.

As mentioned above, you got your start singing in church, is church still a part of your life today?

Well I’m certainly still a Christian and a member of the same church, but I’m ashamed to say that my trips to church have diminished over the years for many reasons or maybe I should call them excuses, lol. Life is just so busy these days and I guess that would be one of those excuses.

You have fans around the world because of technology like YouTube and various other social media channels. Have you ever played for your foreign fans and if not, what country outside the U.S. would you like to perform in first?

I have never played “live” overseas but I have the feeling that will happen more sooner then later. I’m actually getting more airplay overseas then here in the US. I think a lot of that airplay is happening in and around Germany and the Netherlands so I guess I should start there.

In addition to asking questions of amazing musicians like yourself, I also run a pizza website called, so I have to ask… Do you love pizza? And where are your favorite places to eat it in Coatesville? Philly? NYC and Nashville? Or anywhere else you just love?

Man, who doesn’t love pizza ? As a matter of fact my 3 year old son sometimes is a little fussy about eating but he never turns down pizza. When I go to NYC or Nashville I always seem to be on the run so grabbing something quick is the order of the day. Nashville always seems to be Subway for me and NYC you can get pizza around any corner. Back home right now there’s a place out here in the country called Bella Rosa that we usually go to for pizza and stromboli.

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