Author: Brian Humek

Interview with Picture Book Author Kristy Dempsey

Kristy Dempsey is an amazing author. She’s prolific and creates books children love reading. They also love visiting with Kristy in person as she gives some of the best presentations ever…and all over the world too. She’s the author of seven books, including…

picture book author Lisa Rose

Interview with Author Lisa Rose

Author Lisa Rose is the host of the Missing Voice Picture Book Discussion Group and the author of Shmulik Paints the Town from Kar-Ben Publishing. Lisa Rose loves swimming, yoga and ice cream and ….

Quiet Riot - Road Rage

Music Review: Quiet Riot – Road Rage

We all long for the days when Kevin Dubrow was alive. We all long for more songs like “Metal Health,” “Cum On Feel the Noize,” and “Mama, Weer All Crazee Now.” That version of Quiet Riot no longer exists. What remains is drummer Frankie Banali, guitarist Alex Grossi (joined 2004), bassist Chuck Wright (joined 1985) and new vocalist Seaan Nicols ooops, I mean, James Durbin.

Marlene Forte Interview photo 1

Interview with Actress Marlene Forte

It was a great pleasure to have actress Marlene Forte take time to answer some interview questions for us. Co-starring on TNT’s Dallas, Marlene shares about the love the entire cast on Dallas had and still has for this great man. She tells us about her upcoming role on Tyler Perry’s latest film and she’ll even share some of the personal stuff like…

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