Book Review of Godwink Stories: A Devotional

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Book Review: Godwink Stories

Book Title: Godwink Stories: A Devotional
Author: SQuire Rushnell
Publisher: Howard
Date Published: December 4, 2012

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Book review of Godwink Stories devotional book review This is the devotional version of SQuire Rushnell’s smash hit When GOD Winks. This devotional book from SQuire Rushnell should come with an encouragement guarantee. That is how likely the Godwink Stories in this book are sure to uplift you. Rushnell, via these stories, wants you to know that godwinks happen to everyone, not just certain select blessed individuals. Readers can tackle this book as a whole or in weekly chunks that can accompany life as it happens.

If you enjoy reading about the precious God moments (or godwinks) of other people, maybe just to prove you’re not alone in receiving them, you must read Godwink Stories. I’ve seen where some people have called this the best devotional book ever written. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s well worth the price. When so much of life beats us down, it’s nice to read something written specifically to build us back up.

Author SQuire Rushnell was a long time TV executive with ABC Television. He brought to the world great programs such as the ABC After School Special, School House Rock and helped Good Morning America reach the #1 spot in the morning television ratings race. I find it amazing, that someone who could write such inspiring Christian books, was in the upper echelon of a TV network. I wish there were more like him today.

Although as not as detailed as some, I hope you found this book review of Godwink Stories helpful.


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