Music Review: Good Karma by Roxette

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Good Karma
Warner Music Sweeden
Release Date: June 3, 2016

Roxette - Good Karma

Roxette – Good Karma

It seems almost impossible that a band that has been around since 1986 (not to mention all the music Per Gessle made before getting together with Marie to form Roxette) could make an album that stands up among the best of their career. Let’s be clear: Good Karma is a great album. It’s poppy, with big melodies and insistent rhythms, and it’s catchy as hell. Sounds like Roxette to me.

As usual, it’s Per’s show, but Marie frees him to write ballads in a mode that he doesn’t really do on his solo albums. Both singers are in fine voice, even if there are a few points in which Marie’s trademark “oh-oh”s seem a little unnecessary. Nevertheless, her performances sound great, especially on the ballads. She sounds as good as ever, which is remarkable, given her health scares. It’s really inspiring. These artists’ love for music and appreciation for each other, and their audience, really comes across on Good Karma.

Roxette is often accused of padding their albums with filler, and I agree that they generally have a few standout tracks, though I would never say they put anything less than 100% into their songs. Good Karma, any way you look at it, has zero filler. It’s total Roxette throughout. My favorite song is the opening track “Why Dontcha?”, but it would be hard to pick a second favorite, because the album is full of outstanding material throughout. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Good Karma by Roxette as much as I do.

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