Other Interesting People

The Tracey Cheetham Interview

I’ve listed Tracey’s interview in the “Other Interesting People” and the “Political People” sections. As she states in her blog and Twitter bios, Tracey is a mother of three, a cancer survivor, a wife, a PhD student, a student teacher, an opinionated, well-traveled, feminist socialist woman. Tracey also smiles a lot. Follow her on Twitter (@tchee).

With a bio like that, I couldn’t resist asking Tracey for an interview. I’m glad she obliged.

Tracey Cheetham Pt. 1 (on cancer and the NHS)
Tracey Cheetham Pt. 2 (on Travel)
Tracey Cheetham Pt. 3 (on motherhood and politics)

Milan Pintar from Holiday Nova

Milan Pintar was born high in the mountains of Croatia, but has lived most his life as an Aussie. However, rarely does he find himself at home since his full-time job has him traveling the world. In addition to a job that has him travel, Milan has begun Holiday Nova, a travel network that provides travelers the cheapest price found online. Visit http://holidaynova.com today.

Art Director Lisa May

If you’re interested in a design career, you must read this interview with Lisa. You can find her on Twitter (@lisamay88) and you couldn’t find a friendlier person. She works with Nelson in Philadelphia and is heavily involved with the local AIGA chapter in Philly.