Picture Book Review: Good Night, Little Bear by Patsy Scarry

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Book Title: Good Night, Little Bear
Author: Patsy Scarry
Illustrator: Richard Scarry
Publisher: Golden Books
Year Published: 1961

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Good Night, Little Bear by Richard Scarry - A Little Golden BookEveryone with a small child may be familiar with Richard Scarry. But do you know about his talented wife Patsy Scarry? She is the author of a number of titles and some of those can be found here.

Good Night, Little Bear is one of Patsy Scarry’s more popular titles. This is the standard bedtime tale. Little Bear does not want to go to sleep. He wants to stay up and play, well, at least play hide and seek with Papa Bear. Eventually, a walk by a mirror and Papa Bear sees his little bear cub. Your little ones will love this story and may want it read every night. But beware, your little bear cubs might just start playing hide and seek after you read them this book.

Read Good Night, Little Bear to your children or grandchildren, we’d love to know your thoughts on this collaboration between the husband and wife team of Patsy Scarry and Richard Scarry.


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