The Jahnna Randall Interview (and Gizmo too)

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Jahnna Randall and Gizmo Picture

Jahnna and Gizmo reflecting on another tiring day in Hollywood.

I don’t remember exactly how I found Jahnna Randall online, but I’m so glad I did. She’s an extremely talented actress, writer, director living in Hollywood with her dog Gizmo. Once I found Jahnna, I made a point of adding her to my list of important, inspiring and interesting people to interview. She’s all three of those things, but the most important thing I took away from her interview is how inspiring Jahnna can be. Just reading about how she got one of her shorts onto the Animal Planet Network has inspired me to keep trying and to put an extra effort into all of my endeavors.

After reading this interview you’ll feel three things: 1) Inspired 2) Informed 3) Entertained

Enjoy the Jahnna Randall Interview. Oh yes, Gizmo answers a few questions too. So really, this is also the Gizmo interview. I think it’s his first : ) We start here with Gizmo’s questions and then move on to Jahnna. That’s the way Gizmo wanted things to be done, so I complied.

The Jahnna Randall and Gizmo Interviews


Gizmo, how are dealing with your new found popularity? How has life changed for you? 

I’ve been the center of attention even before being in my first commercial at the age of four months. When I walk into the room people will stop what they are doing and come greet me, I really enjoy my life!

If you weren’t in Hollywood acting, what would you be doing?  

Having my own show in Vegas. I love having all eyes on me, so I would need to stay in the business somehow. The industry serves really good food and I love my trailers!

Gizmo eating cake

Does Jahnna ever get jealous of your success? 

Jahnna is a great mom! When I book acting jobs she is proud no matter what and is always on set making sure I am happy!

Finally, if you were forced to work with a cat co-star, who would it be? 

Grumpy cat, because I know I could turn that frown upside down with my cuteness! Woof Woof!

Okay, now your questions Jahnna:

When you first thought of moving to Hollywood, what were some good pieces of advice, if any, you received about making the move? 

I actually received a lot of great advice before my big move to the city of dreams! I was blessed enough to be flown out to Los Angeles for a TV show and got to talk to people that worked in the industry. I was a full time model in Minneapolis, MN and when I got picked up on a TV show in NY and then in CA I realized the acting industry was more what I fancied. After the show wrapped in CA I flew back to Minnesota. I pondered the thought of moving to LA and asked my brother and friends if they wanted to move out there with me. Everyone said no. So I moved onto messaging people on MySpace (yes when it use to be cool) that lived in Los Angeles, that I didn’t know, to see if they could give me any advice on where to live and what I should do to prepare before the big move. Everyone that messaged back explained to save up at least six months of rent just incase I couldn’t find a job. The majority of people said to live either in Venice/Santa Monica area or West Hollywood. After six months of saving money I hopped into my car, packed my whole room with me, typed in West Hollywood into my GPS and I was off to LA not knowing a single person.

Jahnna at car in desert-001

Jahnna in car with pillow and drink-001

Now, let’s go the opposite direction here. Can you share some blissfully stupid advice people in Hollywood have given you since your arrival? Please no names, unless it was really stupid advice.

 Well, I could go with the most obvious advice females receive which is sleep your way to the top but I think I don’t need to recap on those unrealistic notions. The main advice I find irritating is when people say you can’t do that or you need to be born into the industry to be able to succeed in Hollywood. I also don’t agree when people say you can’t write, direct, and act in your films. If you’re passionate and believe in your projects, I think anything is possible! When someone tells me “no you can’t do that” it’s not going to make me stop chasing what I really want in life. The only person who can change my mind about being in the entertainment industry is myself.

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  1. Cliff Larson says:

    What a fantastic interview, Mr. Humek! Jahnna is so talented (and Gizmo too!)– I’ve been following her since she left our little hometown area and am very proud to know she is finally getting the attention she has earned and deserves. Go Jahnna!