West Soward – CFO of Preferred Pump Inc.

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You are Chief Financial Officer at Preferred Pump & Equipment. Can you describe a typical day for you on the job at PP&E?

Talking with branch managers, regional managers, salesmen over the phone.  Meeting with the PPE management.  Reviewing customer credit information.  Reading legal documents.

What is the most rewarding aspect of the position you currently hold?

Meeting with customers, branch employees, and home office employees.

To better understand your journey to where you are today, can you name some of your previous employers and job titles?

Three V Health Inc, – controller, Encon Industries – CFO, Green Oil Co – general manager

Have you always wanted to be in the accounting field? If not, was there a certain inspiration that moved you in this direction?

Started college as a radio broadcast major.  Wanted to change to a business degree, so I determined to be an accountant.  They were the “score keepers” and were known for their integrity.

As a dedicated Christian, do you see any possible ethical struggles for those who work as CPAs, CFOs or anyone else in accounting?

Yes, there will always be a temptation for companies to not make the correct ethical decision.  As a leader in company management the Christian CFO must not be swayed by other management into making an unethical decision.

Do you believe colleges and universities could do a better job at teaching business ethics and instilling ethical values in business or accounting majors?

I am not sure of the current curriculum being taught in most business schools.  However, in my opinion, ethics & business ethics most be taught throughout any business curriculum.

If you were dean of a business college, what steps would you take or programs would you implement to graduate students with higher ethical standards?

Have multiple ethics classes required for any business degree

Where did you attend school?

Abilene Christian University

Although you are extremely busy with your CFO duties, do you find time to expand your business and accounting knowledge? If so, how or when?

I read business books, but do not get to study accounting issues.

Finally, are there any tips you can give students who would like to have your position one day, or one similar to it?

Pray for Godly wisdom over & over again,  read the bible, listen to sermons on Podcasts, read books on business ethics and managements styles, serve others as often as possible, keep in touch with those much less fortunate than yourself.